Behind the Lens

Andrea Brewing… Equine Photographer

  • A photographer with a creative nature, an artistic eye and a methodical mind.
  • A free soul who gets caught in the magical bond between horse and rider.
  • A wild spirit who enjoys the busy schedule of the horse show and can stand for hours photographing these magnificent animals and dedicated competitors as they strive to do their best.
  • A girl who loves horses… always has, always will… especially a little paint mare named Savi.

Wedding and Portrait Photographer

  • A portrait photographer who is focused on capturing and preserving the essence of the individual.
  • A wedding photographer who enjoys the whirl wind excitement of the day and loves catching those snippets in time.

One Comment Add yours

  1. littlepinkdove says:

    Thanks for visiting my blog today and for following it too. I’ve checked out several of your posts and found your blog very interesting. Your photos are especially lovely and I look forward to seeing more of those. I am now following you too.

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