When good training goes bad…


We have been together as a team, Miss Savi Bratty Pants and the Mamma, since the end of August 2015.  While it is a union that I know was meant to be, it hasn’t always been an easy one.  You see, I thought she knew more than she did and I rushed into things right away.  I didn’t take me long to realize that I was going to have to start at square one with the training.  We spent the summer and fall just spending time together brushing, talking,  listening, getting to know one another, making sure that she knew she was mine… bonding.  This carried on through the winter months as I taught her how to lead and back up and in the spring we were ready to go out on trail rides in the park.  There are some beautiful spots in the park and it is nice to get out in nature and away from the ordinary day to day goings on of the barn.  We spent much of the summer of 2016 out on the trails with our besties Barb and Beauty, Kim and Prince.  Now winter of 2016 has hit us and it has been one with more ice than snow and we have been held hostage at the top of the hill, so we have spent more time in the barn, working on our training and barn manners.

Training seemed to be going as planned and then one day I realized that I was no longer in control!  It all happened so gradually that I hadn’t noticed it.  We were standing there, socializing with the others in the barn, and she nudged me and I moved over!  And then she stepped into my space!  So I pushed her ahead… and she pushed back!  I couldn’t believe it!  She used to be so quiet and shy in the barn and now suddenly she was telling ME what to do and I was actually doing it!  I mean REALLY… how did all this happen??? I can’t narrow it down to a certain moment in time, but I KNOW that Lindsey had something to do with it!  That was when I realized that all my good training and gone horribly wrong!   I had the Mamma trained just the way I wanted her and now all of a sudden it would seem that I am the one being trained.  I have tried to get things back to the way they were but to no avail.  She seems determined to be the one in charge, so what else is a horse to do?  For now, I have decided to be the loyal, trusty steed that I am and do as she asks.  Sometimes it is just easier to go with the flow than to start all over again… and besides, now all I have to do is focus on horsie things and trust that she will protect me from squirrels and other monsters that roam the wilds of the park.  I am sure we will still butt heads, but I look forward to the challenges that lay ahead.  I might even start to like those kisses she insists on planting on the end of my nose, but I will never let her know that!


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