It’s Not Easy Being Green


      So I overhead the Mamma talking to people this summer and she referred to me as being “Green Broke”.  Those are two things I am most certainly NOT!!!!  There is nothing on me that is broken and except for the occasional grass stain on my white socks, I am NOT GREEN!!!!  I am a beautiful bay pinto with a gorgeous black and white mane and tail. There are red, blonde and caramel streaked there as well, but still… NO green! Now granted I am still learning the silly things people say and do, and I am beginning to figure out what all the taps on my sides and tugs on my bit mean, but the language sometimes confuses me.

      There are a lot of things a trusty steed such as myself has to remember… rules that need to be followed… Don’t walk in front of the Momma, keep your head low, stop when she stops, don’t push her… but the most important thing to remember is if you are going to break any of these rules, make sure you know who is in the barn with you!  Point in fact, I was in a rather mischievous mood the other day and I decided I would do some tap dancing in the cross ties.  It had gotten bitter cold very suddenly, so all of the horses spent two full nights and a whole day and a half cooped up in the barn.  Needless to say, I had some extra energy to burn. So there I was… two steps forward, two steps back, slide to the left, slip to the right, swing the rump and paw the ground. I had a rather good rhythm going too.  When Momma turned around to look at me, I would stop, straighten my halo and give her my most angelic look.  As soon as she started back towards the front of the barn to get her coffee and doughnut I would start the dance again.  I was having so much fun that I didn’t see HER come in… and suddenly, there she was beside me, swinging a crop in front of my nose!  It was Lindsey, my trainer  and I really do know better than to misbehave around her, but I had already committed myself to the dance.  Every time I danced forward, the crop would hit my nose.  I know I walked into it, but I NEEDED that spot!!!  Then Lindsey gave Momma the crop and I thought I was off the hook, but Momma continued on with the swinging and they just stood there, talking… and ignoring me!  My nose was starting to smart a little, so I decided to twist my rump around further in stead  only to get smacked by the back swing.  I had to wonder if it was really worth it, so I stopped the dance to ponder things.  And that’s when I got stuffed back into my stall, every one left the barn and I was alone with my thoughts.  Maybe it’s time to hang up the dancing shoes and take up a safe pass time.  I am not green, but after this experience, I may be black and blue for a while.



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