The New Digs


It was getting dark when the trailer stopped at my new home. I don’t remember much about the trip. I had slept most of the way. My driver and Auntie Barb came into the trailer and unhooked me and then Auntie Barb led me into the barn. I was scared. I had never been in a barn before. Mom came into my stall with me but I was pacing so much I think she was afraid I would step on her, so she stayed outside my door, quietly talking, trying to soothe me.

I met Auntie Lees that night. She brought in a white pony named Misty to keep me company for my first stay inside. It was nice to have the companionship of another horse, although she too wasn’t happy about being inside.

In the morning Auntie Lees turned Misty and I out into the front paddock. It was my first real view of my new home. As I looked around I saw that there was quite a few horses there, but the thing that excited me most was the huge bale of hay that was sitting right in front of the fence just for me… and Misty. As I buried my nose deep into the bale, I wondered if life could possibly get any better than this.

Mom came up to see me every day on her lunch break and again after work just to talk to me. We were starting to get to know each other.

Mid-week, Misty and I were taken out into the riding ring where I was introduced to Scarlet. She didn’t seem very pleased to meet me, so when I was put into her paddock, I quickly ducked under the fence where Cody and Champ were. I had been talking to them over the fence and they seemed like quite respectable guys. Just the new friends I needed. I had a new mom, a new home, lots of hay and now two new friends. Life was indeed good!


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