On My Way Home…

_MG_4292After 2 successful blog posts, Mom has granted me creative rein (pun intended) on my writing. I am, after all, non-biased, not pre-posed to judge, and I pay great attention to detail (the important ones, anyway). Mom feels it is important to understand the world as I see it in the blog series she would like to call “The Miss-Adventures of Miss Bratty Pants”. We were going to call it “Chronicles of the Horse” but that title is already in use and besides, neither one of us can remember things in the order they happened. It sounds like fun and I am inclined to run with it (and perhaps trot and canter), so let the adventures begin…

Mom is not my first mom. I can’t recall how many I have had or my life before her, but she is the only one that counts. I remember the day I met her. She came to see me with Auntie Barb and my new kid, Aaron. I don’t remember a whole lot about that day, but I do remember gentle voices, kind eyes and soft hands… and she called me beautiful. And then she left, saying “I’ll see you again soon Sweet One.” I waited and waited. Days went by. And then it stretched into an eternity… I thought she had forgotten about me. Then one evening I heard a truck pull up. The man who had been taking care of me came down to get me. He led me up the hill and when we rounded the corner of the house I saw her. She had come back for me! After a tearful good bye from the girls I had known for a short while, I walked calmly into the trailer and settled in for the ride. I was finally on my way home!


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