Dr. Nicole

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My first week at Rockwood Park Stables was full of new experiences, new friends and new people. One of those new people was Dr. Nicole. I remember Mom coming to get me to take me into the barn, and I remember Dr. Nicole checking me over, listening to my heart and lungs. I wondered what they were saying to her, because I couldn’t hear anything, but she was nodding as she said “sounds good”. I think they were making plans, but to do what… I had no idea… Mom showed Dr. Nicole the huge bump on my cheek and Dr. Nicole said that it had to come off. I was glad to hear that. It was so itchy. I had been rubbing it on everything and I couldn’t get it off. I remember Dr. Nicole telling Mom that I looked beautiful and healthy. Then she gave me my shots… whatever those are. It felt like there was a big fly chewing on my neck. Everything after that is a bit hazy. The room was spinning and I felt as if I were going to fall over. I remember Mom putting something under my chin to hold my head up and then things got real fuzzy. Suddenly Auntie Lees was holding my head… how did that happen? One time I woke up and Dr. Nicole was pulling on my tongue. Another time I saw her holding a huge file in her hands. Then something metal was rubbing against my teeth and then I could feel some tugging and pulling on my cheek. I could hear people talking and laughing but everything was so muffled that I couldn’t understand what was being said. Eventually the fog started to lift and I was able to go back out, but what a headache I had after that. I spent the rest of the afternoon napping, trying to recover. I don’t know what kind of bug bit me, but ever since then I have been nervous about flies in the barn!


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