Building Blocks


It didn’t take me long to realize that Mom was new to the horse world, so I decided to have some fun with her. When she would brush me I would pretend that it hurt or tickled. I would step away and she would have to follow and move me back. If I was in my stall with the door open, I would pretend I just wanted to see what was around the corner and them I would sneak out past her and she would have to catch me.

We spent time in the riding ring just walking together. We walked over things, around things and through things. Sometimes when she stopped walking I would stop right beside her. Sometime I wouldn’t. She would turn and face me and ask me to back up. These games were so much fun for me, but they also served a purpose. I had to make sure she was able to handle everything. These are the building blocks that our relationship is founded upon. The whole time she thought she was teaching me to follow, I was secretly teaching her to lead.


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