…as told by Miss Bratty Pants herself…

_MG_4504 - CopyMy mom came up on Friday night and dragged me into the barn.  I didn’t want to go.  She always wants to take me out for a ride.  I love our rides together, but that saddle is so heavy.  Mom said she bought a new one, but I don’t know what that is supposed to do.  All I know is that I hurt.  Mom clipped those awful tie things to my halter.  I hate them.  They make it hard to turn my head and look around.  I like to see what’s going on.  Mom started brushing me, talking the whole, telling me how pretty I am and how much she loves me.  I like listening to her.  She cleaned my feet and removed the rocks that were wedged up against my shoes.  My feet felt so much better.

Mom didn’t go get the saddle when she was done.  Instead she led me to my stall.   I don’t normally like to go in there, but when she opened the door I saw it… A bowl of grain!!!  I was so thrilled to see this special treat that I stepped on Mom in my excitement.  She made me stop and wait while she removed my halter.  As I looked around I noticed that clean bedding, fresh water and a huge pile of hay were also in my stall… and, oh how good that grain smelled!  As Mom closed the stall door behind me I heard her say “I’ll see you tomorrow Savi, I love you.” …. TOMORROW???… Wait a minute!!!… It was then that I realized I was in for the night.  Oh well, it was warm and dry in the barn.  Outside I could hear the rain beating against the walls and wind whistling through the yard.  Shortly after Mom left, Mr. Mike brought Beauty in to keep me company.  I settled in, content to munch on my hay.  I could hear Beauty doing the same and it soothed me.  Morning didn’t seem so  far away as I waited for Mom’s return.

I heard the car pull up in the morning and I was calling to her before she made it into the barn.  My hay was gone and I was hungry.  Mom quickly got to work getting fresh hay and water for myself and my friend.  While I was having my breakfast, Mr. Mike brought a few more of my friends into the barn.  I wondered why.

Then Mom told me that my chiro-something-or-other was here.  I didn’t make sense to me because all I could see was Lindsay, my trainer.  I like her, but she makes me work and tells Mom all my secrets.  I braced myself for the worst.

Mom took me out of my stall and stood me in the middle of the hallway.  She didn’t tie me.  I was confused but relieved.  Lindsay started running her hands down my back, pushing and rubbing.  It hurt a little but somehow felt so good.  I stood there, licking and chewing as I pondered how that could be possible.  Lindsay said I needed a little fixing but my saddle was what had been causing a lot of my pain.  I knew that saddle was evil!  But I wondered how come I needed fixed… I wasn’t broken!  I am perfect and beautiful… Mom has told me so, many times!

They poked and prodded me, pulled here, pushed there and stood me in a corner in a stall in case I kicked them when it hurt.  When they were done with all the “fixing” , Lindsay rubbed something called liniment all over me and then put a blanket on me.  I was then put back into my stall.  I don’t know why, but I felt all warm and fuzzy and somehow invigorated.  Lindsay said I had to stay in for 20 minutes.  I think that means forever, so when Mom came into my stall, I pushed out past her.  I knew I shouldn’t but I didn’t want to be in there forever!  I had already been inside for longer than that!   I headed for the back of the barn and when I turned around to face Mom I saw the glorious light of outside behind her.  The door was open and I knew what I had to do.  As I rushed past Mom, she threw my lead line around my neck, but I was not stopping.  I felt bad about dragging her outside, but I had to be free.  She let go of me and I ran across the yard, kicking up my heels and tossing my head.  My body felt so good!

Then I saw the grass and remembered how hungry I was.  I hadn’t  eaten in forever.  Mom tried to catch me a couple of times but I kept ducking away.  That grass was just sooooo good!  I let Mom catch me when I heard her ask Dad to go get Mr. Mike.  I knew I was in trouble and it is much easier to deal with Mom than with Mr. Mike!  When she told me to back up, I did so quickly.  I didn’t want to push my luck.  She turned me out with my friends and she didn’t give me a carrot.  I knew better than to ask for one.  She called me a brat as she closed the gate.  I think that means she loves me.  She calls me that quite often.  I love you too Mom!  And thank you…


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