52 week photo challenge 2016, Andrea Brewing Photography


Week 8 challenge (in my world the date for this is Feb 20-27)

Week08 Pano

I usually have my photo for the weekly challenge early in the week.  (My week starts on Saturday).  I spent this particular week suffering from a sinus headache.  Thinking felt impossible.  The fact that I was able to get my clothes on right side out and my boots on the correct feet was a miracle.  At least I assume I was put together properly… no one said anything.

Friday after work I went up to the barn.  It had been a week with no horsie time and I was going through withdrawals.   As I was leaving that night I took one last look around hoping to see something that inspired me.  The sun was already down behind the barn and nothing was speaking to me.  As I approached the gate to the park I caught a glimpse of bright colours low in the sky.  A quick course correction and I was parked below the gate at Fort Howe.  I hiked in rather quickly, not wanting to miss the opportunity, scaled a huge mountain… OK, so maybe it was a large hill… got my shot of 4 photos, hiked back to my car and drove home.  Days later, my heart rate returned to normal and I was able to breathe again with out too much difficulty.  Exercise is highly overrated, but, oh the lengths we will go just to “get that shot.”



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