She Loves Horses…

week07 faceless portrait

Although I have not known my friend for very long, it feels as though we have been friends forever.  We are roughly the same age, have traveled a similar path through our adult life and have many of the same character traits.  This part of her story is easy for me to tell.  She is a very kind and caring soul with a sweet spirit.  She is always there with a friendly smile and an encouraging word.  All too often, this gentle nature is trampled on by the cruelties of this world in which we live.  Fortunately, my friend loves horses, and that love is returned by a special black Beauty who is ever willing to  listen to, and absolve her from, all her troubles and fears.  When the weight of the world is pressing down on her shoulders, she can escape to the barn and breathe in that healing horsie smell…


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