Stray Thoughts

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I have started writing this post several times so far, but my mind gets distracted and keeps wandering off.  I should really keep a closer eye on it.  It’s too little to be left alone without proper supervision.  But you know, these little side trips tell the story of who I am.  My mind is so busy planning a multitude of things that I sometimes don’t accomplish what I started to do in the first place.

On the other hand, sometime I can get too focused on one thing and nothings else gets done.  Sometimes when I am working my way through wedding photos I forget to eat.  It’s a good thing my family manages to fend for itself.

Getting back on track to where I was hoping to take this… when I decided to start blogging my focus was going to be on the evolution of my photography and nothing else.  That was when I thought having a photography business on the side would be a fun way to  supplement my income.  I was going to write cute little anecdotes about my projects and share the photos as well as some of the technical aspects that went into their creation.

My focus has changed since then.  I have realized that everyone with a camera is promoting themselves as a photographer and the competition for business is fierce.  Some are of equal ability to myself, others are not.  I have decided that I would rather enjoy my photography and let it be part of my personality than turn it into just another job.

I will continue to shoot weddings that come my way.  I so enjoy the beauty and excitement of the day.  And of course I will always do portraits for families hoping to keep a little of their hard earned money in their pockets.  I like being an affordable alternative.  I will also carry on with writing my blog.  I find writing to be therapeutic.  You can be guaranteed that photography will be involved but be prepared to hear a lot about my horse… and any other stray thoughts  that rumble through my head.


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