My Co-Pilot


While I was drafting my last blog post, I decided to re-visit my old posts.  I found myself amused at some of the things I had written and saddened by others.  There were moments where I was full of confidence and others where self doubt had crept in, trying to shatter my self worth.  I do have insecurities, as do most, if not all of us.  The one thing that I have on my side is a confidante, a guide, a protector of my soul.  He gives me strength.  He encourages me.  He picks me up when I trip over my own feet.  He is my soul mate, my best friend.  He is my husband.  Even though there are moments I could choke him… and I say this knowing he will eventual see and read this post… and chuckle…I hope… I don’t know where my life would be without him.  He loves my OCD, my ADD, and several of my personalities.  Sometimes I forget that I don’t have to fly on my own. I have a co-pilot and navigator and he won’t steer me wrong.


2 Replies to “My Co-Pilot”

  1. my, how very lucky you and Peter are to have found such love…it is to be admired…I know I do and I share the sentiment about my own husband. Always, Beverly

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