Bring Carrots…


People are going to start to think I like horses or something.  Well I don’t… I LOVE them… one in particular.

What I know about horses could fill the head of a pin.  I am a newbie in the horse world.  What I don’t know about horses could easily fill a trilogy.  But none of that matters.  I love my horse and she tolerates me.  I am sure she will eventually come to love me back but building a bond of trust takes time.  And she is worth the time.  She is smart.  She learns things quickly and she figures things out just as fast.  I have been working with her using a chain over her nose.  It does not hurt her, but it does put pressure if I need it.  She knows it is there so she behaves very well.  She did figure out how to get the chain off her nose the other day so now I have to put it on a little differently.

A few weeks ago I ducked under the fence to take a photo of her because she was off by herself  but in doing so I got some snow on my camera lens.  I was so completely engrossed in cleaning my camera that I wasn’t paying attention to anything else.  When I did look up, there was Savi, right beside me, stretching her nose over saying “whatchya got… can I eat it?”  So I scratched her neck affectionately and walked away.  She followed me, so I spent half an hour just walking around with her tagging around behind me.  That was the best feeling, knowing my horse wanted to be with me, no ropes, no chains, no carrots, just us.

I still look at Savi and can’t believe she is mine.  It’s like being in a dream.  I go up to the barn in the rain just to give her a carrot and watch her eat.  When I get there, she looks up at me from her munching… “hey, it’s you…” that’s what she says. She eventually makes her way over to see me while I stand there talking to her.  I scratch her nose and her neck, she sniffs my pockets.  “I knew you brought me a carrot!”  she exclaims excitedly.  I break the carrot into a bunch of smaller pieces and give them to her one at a time. I want this time to take as long as possible.  I have her undivided attention… or rather the carrot does, but I’ll take it.  Once the carrot is gone, she hangs out at the fence with me for a few minutes in case there are more hiding in my pockets, then she ambles back to her hay, saying “see you again soon… bring carrots.”




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