“The Red Shirt”

It’s funny how something so simple can fix something that was broken.  The challenge was to take a photo with red as the theme.  I chose the red plaid shirt that my husband picked out for me as the subject, and the barn where I board my horse as the location. I took a few shots around the barn one night with my cell phone, trying to get an idea in my mind of what my photo would look like.  I went  home and I looked at the shots I had taken, and the more I looked, the more my image came to light.  I returned a couple of nights later, red shirt in my hand and camera bag slung over my shoulder.  I was on a mission.


This is the image that spoke to me the most.  I spent close to an hour processing this, getting the colour the way I saw it in my mind and capturing the feeling this place brings to my soul.  When I was done I knew I had created something that was uniquely me.  It’s my barn shirt, hanging in the barn where I board my horse, the place where I spend time in quiet solitude sweeping up after I have put my girl back out in her paddock, the place where I think about “things” and deal with “stuff”.  It’s a place of healing, a place of contemplation, a place to find peace.


This is also the place where I found the part of myself that was missing.  All thanks to that red shirt, the one my husband picked out for me.  I had lost faith in myself, in my individuality.  My creative spark was gone. But now I was thinking again.


I had lost myself in problems that my mind had blown way out of proportion.  I was dwelling on things and allowing them to take over my life.  I realized that I had been isolating myself not only from the things I love to do, but also from the ones I love and the man who loves me more than life itself, the man who gives meaning to my life and always brings me back to who I am meant to be.


Now I am finding life enjoyable again.  I have away put the weariness that was weighing my soul down and have stopped dwelling on things that are beyond my control, choosing to instead spend time doing the things that I love with the ones that I love.  All because of the red shirt… the one my husband picked out for me.



One Reply to ““The Red Shirt””

  1. I love this story, especially the part ” the red shirt…….. the one my husband picked out for me. ” the way you used it more then once. I also love the way you laid out the whole thing. You have a dream and the talent to make it happen. Great job Andrea.

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