Andrea Brewing Photography

Portrait…Headshot… Week 4


      When I saw what the theme was for week 4, I knew immediately who my model had to be and how I wanted it to look.  This photo is a multiple purpose for me.  First of all, it fits the theme for the challenge. Second, after week three and the theme of red, I decided to have some fun with a “Red Shirt Series” so I knew that had to figure into the photo as well.  The third, and most important thing with this photo is that I decided that this 52 week challenge was going to focus on my life and the things in it that are important to me.  Naturally I had to have my husband sit for this.  I asked him and he somewhat hesitantly agreed.  He hates having his photo taken.  I explained to him what I was looking for and he sat down on the couch with his Ibenez.  Before I was allowed to take the shot, he had to tune his guitar. To capture his true feeling, he had to be playing for the photo.  I love how he gets so into the music.  It just carries him away and it takes me with him.  Someday he hopes to record an album, even if it’s only for himself and our family.  He wants me to help him fine tune the lyrics and provide the photography.  This will be the album cover.  It couldn’t be more perfect!


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