I have a horse…

I OWN a horse, and I still can’t believe she’s mine…


Owning a horse has been a life long dream since I was a young girl.  I have a couple of friends with horses and that just made me long for a horse of my own even more.  My friend added me to a couple of “horse for sale” groups and I started day dreaming.  When I saw Savi, I fell in love with her instantly. At the end of August 2015, my husband bought her for me.  He also paid her first month’s board and covered the cost of transporting her from Keswick Ridge down to Rockwood Park.  It was a big expense, not like buying a box of chocolates.  Every moment I spend with my girl, I am reminded of how much that man of mine truly loves me.  I don’t think he can fully comprehend how much it means to me to have this 800 plus pound animal in my life, but he does understand he has made the little girl in me thrilled beyond measure.


My girl is a 4 year old bay tobiano paint.  She stands at 14.1 hands high.  She’s not huge, but she’s just the right size for me.  She’s very smart and she’s teaching me a whole lot of new things.  Being in her presence is so calming.  No matter how bad my day was at work, I can go up to the barn and just spend time watching her, and everything just melts away.

_MG_4526There are so many things I love about my girl.  I love:

The way she smells.

The way she ignores me when I first go up to see her, then follows me around when I walk away.

The way she sighs when she realizes she’s not going to get away with something.

The sounds she makes as she munches on her hay.

The way she looks over her shoulder at me when I walk away from her in the cross ties, as if to say, “Helloooo, horsie right here…. being ignored”.

The way she turns her head around to watch me clean her feet.  She almost rests her head on my back.  I can feel her breath on me and it’s like a warm hug.

The way she pretends she didn’t really want to leave her stall when I open the door to put more hay in for her.

The way she checks my pockets for carrots.

_MG_4504 - Copy

I have a lot to learn about horses but one thing I know for sure is how much I love her and how lucky I am to have her.  Unless you have always wanted a horse, you probably won’t understand the feelings she gives me.  All I can say is… I OWN a horse… and she’s MINE!  How awesome is that!!!!!!!


4 Replies to “I have a horse…”

  1. That’s a great story Andrea, I know what it means to own a horse and what’s it like not having one after you spent most of your life with them. It’s a love affair that never dies. Congratulations on owing a horse. Savi is a luck girl as well.

    1. Thank you, she is very dainty in her movements. When she trots, it’s like she’s floating. I am not riding yet. She is Green Broke and I haven’t got experience riding. They are helping me a great deal at the stable where I board her and some day my girl and I will be hitting the trails together. Until then, I am just spending time with her and getting to know her. And loving every minute of it.

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