Andrea Brewing Photography

Week 2 Photo Challenge

WEEK 2 Landscape: Traditional Shoot a beautiful landscape and share it with the world. Find a nice foreground and don’t forget the sky.


I am taking this photo challenge to a more personal level for me.  I want my photos to echo my mood in an effort to find beauty in the most every day thing.  At fifty, life has become very much a routine, get up , go to work, go home, eat, maybe do some house work, go to bed, repeat… I know I am not alone in this monotony.  I think it is too easy for all of us  to get caught in a great whirlwind of sameness and allow our lives to get lost in this seemingly empty void.

I was on my way home from work at noon today with a bad sinus head ache, so my mood was very grey.  My head was pounding, I was too hot, I was too cold and I was in a haze.  I saw this on that drive home and knew it had to be my photo for this week.

To most, this may not be a beautiful landscape, but it says things to me.  First thing I noticed was how white and smooth the ice was.  It reminded me of a freshly flooded hockey rink and I was instantly transported to early morning hockey practices with my son Thomas, who I miss dearly.  It was a welcome and happy memory for me.

There are no colours in this image, a vast contrast to my typical subjects.  I like my images to be bold and vibrant, almost overstated.  This image mirrors the way I feel during this snippet of time .  As dark and grey as this image is, there is depth and emotion hidden in those clouds.  There is a threat of great rage and torment, but there is also hope for a clear future once the storm has passed.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and this image speak to me of the voyage of growth and change I am undertaking.  “The New Beginning” continues…


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