The little things…


I started taking pictures because I saw beauty in the things around me .  I wasn’t worried about what others thought because no one was ever going to see them.  It wasn’t that I didn’t want to show any one, I just figured that no one else would care to see the world the as I saw it.  We would get home from work and almost before our car stopped rolling in the driveway, my camera was in my hand and I was in my garden taking pictures of the lilies that had opened up during the day.  My husband would just shake his head, smiling as he unlocked the front door, his arms full of the groceries we had purchased on our way home.  Later, I would see him peeking out the kitchen window, quietly watching me, happy that I was enjoying the little camera he had bought for me.

In the few years that since that time, I have lost my focus on what matters to me and have started to worry more about what others will think.    Gone was the sheer joy of taking photos, replaced by the need to be accepted by others.  The photo of the golden rod, laden with it’s burden of rain, being tossed relentlessly by the wind, while out of focus, speaks to me.  There is beauty in this common weed, struggling against nature’s harshness.  Life is seldom sharply in focus and challenges and obstacles confront us all on a daily basis.  How we ride out the storm is what matters.

IMG_5406I am also trying to learn to see the good in everything. While others were complaining about all the rain we received this summer, I was out in my garden taking photos.  The lilies are so beautiful when covered in those glimmering drop of water.  What a beautiful way to showcase these elegant flowers.


I used to feel trapped by the rain, sitting inside, watching the droplets roll down the window pane as tears streaming down the face a heartbroken child that cannot go outside to play.


I have since learned to embrace the rain, enjoy it’s warm, gentle caress, listen to the song it quietly sings at night as it gently plays among my lilies and know that in that rain there is life, there is joy, and there is love.


My garden was spectacular this summer and I have so many gorgeous photos.    They will be what carries me through the seemingly endless winter months until my beauties once again show their lovely faces.  I am glad that I have found the passion I had lost; the joy of seeing the world through my own eyes and the freedom to be who I am meant to be.  In the end, it’s the little things that bring the most enjoyment to life and will be the memories most treasured.


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