Getting Re-aquainted


Have you ever had that edgy, uneasy, fidgety feeling of needing to do something, but having absolutely no idea what that something is?  That is where I have been most of the winter.  The housework has been sitting there patiently waiting, and though I do give it a minimal amount of my attention, I am pretty sure that is not where I want to exert my creative energy.  We did recently invest in a complete “Swiffer” cleaning system and my husband seems quite enthralled with how “awesome this duster is to use”, but I am quite sure that love affair is one destined to fail.  So the dust will begin to collect on the TV stand once more, and the cob webs will once again hang in quiet solitude in the corners of our rooms, judging no one.


The winter saw us at the rink every Saturday morning cheering for our Loch Lomond Lightning and Vipers hockey teams and capturing and preserving memories for kids and parents.  I do have to admit that there were times I got so caught up in the excitement of the games that I forgot to take pictures.  And I missed some shots that would have been awesome because I was busy celebrating a goal.  Now the season is over, my son is moving up to another league and I will miss this group of kids and their parents. 


I was able to get out with the camera club a few times over the winter months and into the early spring.  I brought home a few pictures, but until recently,  everything was lacking colour and I felt that I was lacking energy.  I love bright, vibrant colours, and the warmth of the sun on my face, things that are rare in the stark winter months.

IMG_3591The season is finally starting to change as Old Man Winter begins to loose his grasp on our lives .  The crocus have managed to peek through the clutter in my garden, I have purchased a new solar light (which was christened with a blanket of snow the evening I so happily placed it in my lily garden) and I have my eye on a 4 foot tall light house that will soon grace the center of my garden.                               Now I will get to spend more time with my family doing this we like to do, like camping, fishing, relaxing and going for long drives to nowhere in particular.  I look forward to the place we will go and the beauty we will see as we come out of our hibernation and get to know each other once again.

And the house work will still be there next winter…


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