Living on the Edge

IMG_6169Living on the Edge… What does that mean? Does it mean living precariously, dependent on the whims and pleasures of others? Does it illicit feelings of excitement and intrigue? Do visions of a red convertible racing down a steep, winding cliff, your hair blowing in the wind, spring to mind?
Now, I like the idea of the red convertible and my hair blowing in the wind. The cliff… not so much!
As far as being dependent on the whims and pleasures of another…unless those others are my family, then NO!
When it comes to feelings of intrigue and excitement… all the time. That’s how I choose to live life. It has taken me many years to realize that I am only truely happy when I endeavour to please myself.
I did try to change, but I found myself to be very unhappy and negative. You see, I talk too much, but that’s who I am. If people don’t like it, they don’t have to listen. It used to bother me because I could see it in people’s eyes…”Oh good lord, don’t talk to her, you’ll never shut her up.”
I don’t go looking for people to talk to and I am learning how to read people better so I know when to wrap it up. One thing that’s for sure… I am a happier person and those who like me, like me alot.  So I live on the edge, between my reality and the rest of the world.
But be forewarned. If you strike up a conversation with me, you’d better pull up a chair. You  are about to start Living on the Edge!


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