To be or not to be…

Or maybe more appropriately, “to butterfly or not to butterfly”! That was what was on my mind one that particular day a couple of years ago as I tried to photograph this shy little critter.

I am sure that my husband got his share of amusement watching me chase this Canadian Tiger Swallowtail around the yard. My sighs of exasperation as I brought the camera up to my eye only to discover that my target had moved on to another flower before I have even had a chance to find him with my viewfinder let alone focus on him, brought quiet smiles of amusement to his lips.

I would like to say that patience and perseverance were with me that day, but I think maybe  Lady Luck felt sorry for me just long enough to capture this shot. To this day, it is one of my favourites.


3 Replies to “To be or not to be…”

    1. You and I must be cut from the same cloth. I have actually sat down with graph paper and planned a container vegetable garden and knew how many of each plant I could get in each box. My husband caught me counting the seeds! Kind of embarrased to admit that though! lol

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