Not a Professional???

I have been doing portrait photography for a couple of years now. I started out just taking photos of “pretty things” around my garden until one day my friend Kat asked me to take prom photos for her and Jared. Soon afterwards we met to take some shots of her and Misty. That is where my passion for portraits began. I was hooked and I knew it.
From there, I did a photo shoot for a translation business looking for fresh photos for their website and then a large family photo shoot in a beautiful park setting. My portfolio has expanded to include a couple of studio shoots, one of which was a newborn, and more recently two weddings. I hadn’t done weddings before and I knew it was a big commitment, but God gave me two feet for a reason, so I jumped in with both of them!
I keep an eye on the local advertisement sites for people looking for photographers, and these also include ads for people offering photographic services. One ad in particular caught my attention and left me shaking my head. This girl was quite proudly proclaiming that she was “by no means a professional” and would “do anything for a cheap price.” She had no photos in her ad to display her work and I wonder how many people responded.
This ad made me stop to examine how I portray myself as a photographer.Probably the most used definition of a professional photographer is someone whose main source of income is through their photography. In this sense of the definition, I do not qualify as a professional because I support myself by other means. But the next definition is applicable. A professional is characterized by or conforming to the technical or ethical standards of a profession. A professional also exhibits a courteous , conscientious and generally businesslike manner in the workplace. (definitions from Merriam Websters online).

One thing that I will guarantee is that when I am procured to take photos for a client, I will arrive dressed nicely. I will treat each person as an individual and will be polite as I provide them with the services they asked for and expect from me. I WILL NOT show up in tattered clothes, with a bad attitude and do a poor job. I AM a professional and proud of the work I do.


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