Andrea Brewing Photography, On a personal note

Getting Personal

When I first started writing this blog, my focus was solely on how I was going to grow my photography business. Now that is not a bad thing, but lately I have taken a look back at myself and who I am as a photographer and discovered that I have started taking photos based on what I think will please people who read my blog and follow my work. I am loosing who I am to please the masses.

My first venture into the world of photography was in my flower garden and around my back yard. It was all about the world around me and that is what is important. My husband, the kids, the grandchildren, the dog and the cat, and all the things we do as a family are what matter. Everything else is just a bonus.

So with that being said, my first personal post is of my dog Rufus. I will probably not share pictures of the grandchildren just yet because I do not trust the world of the internet. Besides, some treasures are meant to keep to enjoy on your own.


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