This photo is not the photo I wanted to capture.  The photo I wanted had the sun gleaming of the fall leaves in their full splendour and there was a beautiful mist rising off the still water.  I was unable to stop to take the photo because I was on my way to work and I did not have the home owner’s permission to go on  their land.  I did get the homeowners permission a few weeks later, but I had missed my chance.

Life is all about chances.  We are often faced with the prospect of taking a chance on something, whether it is quitting a job to start another, going back to school, or being a stay at home parent.  Sometimes we don’t take the chances that present themselves because we are afraid of the unknown.  All too frequently that fear keeps us from experience something amazing.  We arrogantly assume that those chances are always going to be there for us to pick away at as we desire.  We decide that we don’t need to go visit our parents because we are too busy with work and the kids.  We will go another day.

My Nana is 95 years old and it weighs more heavily on my mind as each day passes that all too soon, a woman who has been a big part of my life will no longer be there.  It breaks my heart.

My oldest son is in Victoria BC.  I miss him dearly.  I don’t get to see him and I have realized that this will mostly like be the case for the rest of my life.  The little boy that was the centre of my world for a long time now has a life of his own.  And it breaks my heart.

My youngest son is 10 and growing up so fast.  I look at photos when he was 2 and it seems like just last week.  Now he is rattling off “stuff” about “things” and I realize how much he is changing.  All too soon he will be on his own.  It breaks my heart.

Four years ago my husband lost his youngest daughter to a car accident.  All we have left are memories and a few photos that he can’t bear to look at because the hurt runs so deep. It breaks my heart.

Every time we don’t do something, like visiting the parents or spending time with the kids, we are taking a chance.  We are assuming that there is always tomorrow.  Today may be your only chance, so don’t let it pass you by.

Life passes all too quickly and I would encourage everyone to consider this. Don’t sit back and wait for things to happen.  Make you chances, don’t take them.


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