The Voices in My Head

OK, I see that glint of fear in your eyes.  “Oh no, she’s hearing voices.  Quick, hide!”  I don’t understand why you are so afraid.  We all have voices in our head; just not everyone wants to admit it because of a stigma associated with them.  You have them.  I know, because I have heard you talking to them.  Sometimes you argue with them.

Just who are these voices? Moreover, what do they do?  Well, mine make me laugh in the face of uncertainty, calm my fears when the world seems against me, help me reason my way through the incomprehensible and keep me out of trouble.  When my boss says something that is way out there, it’s one of those voices that makes me bite my tongue and hold back the smart ass remark I was about to say.  I call these voices by the names of “Common Sense”, “Reason”, “Intuition”, “Confidence”, and “Security”, to name a few.

Now, sometimes others put in their 2 cents worth.  “Insecurity” steps in and decides to pick a fight with “Confidence”.  “Self Doubt” also chimes in with input that is more negative.  When this happens, I find that it is usually best to hear both sides of the arguments.  Things have their way of working out if you take the time to understand the consequences.  Invariably, “Good” will win out over “Evil”.

So why, when I am cleaning out the cobwebs in my mind, do I not evict the “Nay Sayers”?  Quite simply, I need them to maintain balance in my life.  After all, a teeter-totter only works if there is someone on either side.  So, next time, stop and listen to those voices and don’t be afraid of them.  They have something important to say.


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