Changing Perspective

Knowledge is a wonderful thing, but I would also argue that it can hold us back from discovering the world around us, and perhap discovering ourselves.  Does the “Rule of Thirds ” have to apply to every photograph?  Should the “Center of Focus” always be in the center of the photo?  Do we need to have a specified object as our “Center of Focus” or can it be implied?  Do we need to be bound by these “Rules”?  Weren’t rules meant to be broken?  These, I believe, are valid questions.  If no one ever challenged the rules everything would look the same.  In English Class we were told “Never Split the Infinitive”.  But would Captain Kirk’s statement have made as much of an impact if he had said “To go boldly…”?

I believe the purpose of a photograph is to cause the viewer to pause a moment, take it all in and let their mind capture its essence.  Fancy words, but you know what I mean.  Some photographs cause you to experience the story it tells.  I find quite often that it is not something that can be put into words.  It can’t be expressed verbally or defined by any rule, because you feel the scene as much as you see it.

So put aside these rules when you press that shutter button and adopt a new, changing perspective…

sRGB colour space… the new frontier.  These are the challenges of the digital photographer.  Her continuing mission: to explore strange, new software,  to seek out new angles and old decrepit buildings, to boldly shoot where no no one has shot before.


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