Fall in New Brunswick

Well, fall is here, and with has come all the glorious colours of the season.  I am seeing beautiful yellows, vibrant reds and brilliant oranges, unfortunately I only see these on the way to and from work.  It seems to rain every weekend, and though I was able to get a few shots in the drizzle of last weekend, the colours just aren’t quite the same.  They weren’t what I wanted, or at least so I thought…

One thing about being an “Environmental Portrait Photographer” (which is just a fancy way of saying someone who likes to work outdoors) is that you are a slave to the weather.  It makes you work harder to get the photos that you want.  You have to plan ahead to know where the sun is going to be, and you have to have a backup plan if the sun decides not to show up at all!  You have to be able to change settings quickly and accurately to keep up with the sun when it decides to play hide and seek with you.  And you have to be prepared to do some post editing to fix any exposure issues.

And once again, the weather has taught me how to change my perspective on my subject.  The last wedding that I shot was on a beach and we had some lovely colours when the sun was shining.  The sky was a beautiful blue and there was some amazing clouds drifting through.  When those amazing clouds decided to hide the sun, the colours were not as vibrant, but I discovered that one of my favourite and most intimate photos was one of the ones in the softer light.  I typically like to shoot for the bright, eye-popping colours, but I am learning to taking a step back, pause, and “feel” the picture, not just take it.

So once the urge to whine about the wet weather passes, I am going to step out, rain or shine, and take photos that make me “feel”.


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