So now what…?

I thought I would write about how I got started in photography.   Quite honestly, I nodded off reading my notes on how it all began.  There is no sense in boring you with all the details so I will summarize it for you.

It’s the same story since time began… girl meets camera, girl falls in love with camera but soon realizes that camera is not fulfilling her needs.  Soon friends start introducing girl to new cameras.  Girl meets new camera, and girl and new camera start a relationship. Girl starts buying new camera fancy accessories, and all the while, old camera still remains quietly in the background, hoping, longing for days long since past when he and girl were inseparable.  Old camera spends many long, lonely days, sitting alone on the top shelf of the desk, watching quietly as girl and new camera rush off to take photos together.  From old camera’s vantage point, he can see the two of them as they download and process hundreds of photos together.  Every so often old camera catches girl glance at him and mention the times they used to spend together and the moments they captured.  Then one day, girl gently takes old camera down from his place of solitude and puts in fresh batteries and a new memory card.  Old camera is overcome with joy as she loads him into the front pocket of her camera bag and whisks him off to a wedding.  The thrill of being with her again is short lived as he is passed from her gentle hands to those of another, hands that are un-sure of themselves as they fumble with the buttons.  Camera takes photos at this wedding and every so often he catches glimpses of girl in the distance, and realizes that her new relationship is one that is meant to be.  When they return home, old camera watches girl as she gently removes his memory card and processes his photos and it is then that old camera resigns himself to be content to know that he and girl are just friends and will remain so in the years to come


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