So, why be a portrait photographer, and why outdoors?

This is another very simple question, but is the answer itself so simple?


…I love to doodle, but the images I draw or paint do not look quite right.  In my mind, I can “feel” the place I want to paint, but I cannot put that feeling onto canvas or paper.  With my camera and I can photograph the places that evoke emotion, and with the aide of my computer and a little post-processing, I can breathe life into those images.

… I like to take pictures of pretty things.  Mother Nature has provided us with some of the most gorgeous scenery in the world.  She gives us light, she gives us colour, she gives us quiet spots to sit, think and ponder life, and she gives us beautiful places to run, jump and play.  Why sit indoors with fake scenery as a backdrop when we can have the real thing?

…I like to design and create things.  The commitment of being a working mother leaves very little time to knit or cross-stitch, and Old Man Winter only gives us a couple of months that we can play in our gardens.  Having moved away from designing and creating signs and into the world of digital printing has also left me nowhere to focus my creative energies.  Photography and the post-processing that follows it fill that need.

…Photography brings about a feeling of carefree youthfulness.  I was cleaning out my cedar chest a while back and found an album of photos I had taken when I was a young girl.    Blurry sunsets shot through a window and pictures of white fluffy clouds floating across a blue sky on their way to somewhere sure to be exotic brought back memories of care free summer days laying in the tall grass, daydreaming. Images of snow laden trees after a harsh winter storm hails recollections of cold winter afternoons building a snow fort that would never be finished but would provide multitudes of fun until the spring rains took it away.  Photography is now my way of escaping the worries of adulthood and restores my faith in the universe.

…I like how photography makes me feel.  There is a sense of pride and accomplishment in outdoor portrait photography.  Being able to provide someone with images they will look at and treasure years later is an honour and I enjoy those brief moments spent sharing their lives and helping them create lasting memories.

So, when all is said and done, the simple question… “Why” is answered with the simple response… “Because…


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