Part 2 of the “5w’s behind Andrea Brewing Photography” continues with “What”.   

For a long time what I did for a living defined who I was and I guess to a certain point still does. 

After I graduated high school, I had no idea where I wanted to go in life, so naturally I was off to UNB in Fredericton under the Bachelor of Arts program.   It didn’t take me long to realize that what Socrates or Plato did in their lives had no bearing on me or my life and  certainly had absolutely nothing to do with “art”.  And the fact that my Sociology prof started off every class with “What is sociology… what do sociologist do?” had me a little concerned.  I already had an identity crisis, I didn’t need another!  So, needless to say, university didn’t last long for me.  I couldn’t see the benefit of going deep into debt with no future plans in mind. 

A few little twist and turns in the road led me “Grey Signs” on Sunset Drive.  I had had a brief stint at another sign company as a sale rep where I quickly learned that I am not a sales rep, but while there I did learn a lot about the sign business and it intrigued me.  I was a doodler growing up and this was a grown up way to doodle and I loved it.  So I approached Ted Grey and convinced him that he needed me.  It was there that I received some of the best mentoring from the shop foreman, Colin.  He taught me everything he knew about sign layout, design, hand lettering and even some installation with the boom truck.  So when down-sizing happened I was well equipped to start my own sign company. 

During my stint at Grey Signs, I became a mom to a little boy named Thomas.  So suddenly I was Thomas’ mom, a sign painter, and a small business owner.  Being Thomas’ mom took first place in my identity.  Soon I became a hockey mom.  It was cold, but awesome!

Twelve years later found my identity changing again.  I no longer was the owner of my own sign company, deciding it was better to have a steady pay cheque instead.  I did a short stint with Trim-Line of Fredericton, but it wasn’t my forte.  Then I move on to another company which was right up my alley, but unfortunately they were operating outside their budget and down-sizing occurred once again.  I move to Saint John and became mom to another little boy named Aaron and began working at Plasticraft, where I am still employed full time.  It is a good fit with my skills and the type of work I love.

Aaron is now 10, Thomas has grown up and moved to Victoria BC where he serves aboard the HMCS Algonquin in the Canadian Navy.  So my identity has changed again.  Thomas no longer needs mothering and I now realize that all too soon my little Aaron is going to outgrow me as well. 

Sometime during the early years of Aaron’s life my husband bought a camera for me and my new identity began…


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