My First Blog!

This all seems a little overwhelming , but one must do new things to experience life, otherwise the tendency is to stagnate in the pool of sameness.

I thought about blogging over the last little while, but never went any further than that.  “What if no one reads my blog?”  I guess that is something we all worry about… will anyone notice us?  If we never try, we will never be noticed.  So here I am, now taking that first timid step into a whole new world.

As I sat in the truck on my way into work this morning, my mind was racing with the ideas of starting this new venture.  What would I talk about?  Jumbled sentences, mixed up words and fragments of ideas all running around inside my head, trying to fight their way through the murky, cobweb filled darkness and into the light of day.

Finally, that small glimmer of light began to shine and illuminated a path for me to follow… and it starts at the beginning… with the 5 W’s behind “Your lifes moments”

Starting with “Who” is behind Andrea Brewing Photography … in my next blog… stay tuned.


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